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Medussa Home is glad to invite you to feel a new way of sleeping in North America: the 4pcs bedding set. This set includes

  •  A duvet cover
  •  A flat sheet (it can be placed between you and duvet/comforter, or between you and mattress/fitted sheet, based on your preference and habit)
  • Two pillowcases


You can consider the 4 pcs bedding set as either a SHEET SET plus a duvet cover, or DUVET COVER SET plus a flat sheet!

The reason for 4 pcs bedding set:

  • It is time-saving and cost-efficient! You don’t have to buy duvet cover set and sheet set separately for each bed. In 4 pcs bedding set, the sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases are with the same design theme and textiles, your bed is just elaborately decorated as a whole.
  • For duvet cover lovers, the traditional flat sheet is a little redundant. Both the duvet cover and flat sheet are aimed to keep the duvet/comforter clean. So the flat sheet in the 4 pcs set can be placed under you as a functional layer to protect the mattress. It also works if you put the flat sheet on the existing fitted sheet if you use one. Please note the flat sheet is made large enough to wrap the whole mattress so that the fitted sheet may not be so necessary. And even if you are using fitted sheet, in this way you don’t have to lift up the heavy mattress over and over to change and clean your fitted sheet because it is covered by the flat sheet now. You just need to clean the flat sheet regularly. ).
  • More designs on the sheet now! If you get bored with the always-plain solid color sheets in the market, now you can enjoy a beautiful flat sheet by having the 4 pcs bedding set!
  • It makes your life easier in the morning because less things on your bed and making up bed is much faster