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Autumn & Winter Duvet Guide

How to choose the right duvet for the Autumn & Winter? 

Your room temperature matters the most. All the recommendations below are based on an average body feeling. Cold or hot sleepers can just do any adjustment to better suit.

If the room temp is over 24°C (75 °F), congrats to you! you are still in the summer time and no worries.

We want to talk about the room temp between 15°C and 23 °C:

  • 22-23°C    it is still relatively on a warm side. A breathable yet medium-light layer would be just right. A regular-weight Bamboo Duvet will be a great choice, breathable, soft, give some weight on the top, helpful for easier sleep.  For the luxury class, the All-Season level Tencel duvet and same All-Season Top Grade Silk duvet are the ones. The Top-Grade Long Strand Silk duvet is extremely soft and breathable,  drapes around your body, gives the unparalleled world-class comfort, while the Tencel from Austria Hefel is even washable, easier to maintain.
  • 20-22°C    this is a typical temperature range for most of the families in Canada. Its Australian Wool duvet’s showtime. The All-Season level Wool duvet is warm enough to cover. Wool duvet is puffy, and naturally heavier than others. The All-Season Level II Top Grade Silk is the luxury fit for this tier. It may look thin but provide surprisingly warmth, yet still carries all the best part from the silk!
  • 18-19°C    for sure it’s a cooler night, you need some insulation! White Goose Down duvet is the warmest among all! Loft 700+ Standard Down Fill is the main recommendation. Extreme Puffy and super light, like sleeping in the cloud! The Extra-Warmth Wool duvet would be another warm choice but with a much heavier weight.  Winter warmth silk duvet and Extra warmth Tencel duvet are the other options as well.
  • 15-18°C    you must open the window for the whole night and turn the minimum heat on correct? But it’s totally fine! We have the ultimate Extra-Fill Loft 750 White Goose Down duvet ready for you, no problem at all!

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Hint: a naturally warm-feel fabric is a bonus for the winter, such as Washed Cotton (Linen-like touch) duvet Cover and Sheets. Click here to shop Washed Cotton.