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MEDUSSA HOME is a Vancouver-based premium bedding boutique shop since 2016 Oct.

It is created by a young couple loving designing, home décor and sustainable living. They are interested in incorporating arts and designing into bedding, and making your bedroom look romantic and different. They are committed to offering unique designed and top quality bedding you are unable to find at large discounters.

They have own brand: Medussa, its product covers the top grade Mulberry Silk duvets, White Goose Down duvets, exclusive designed duvetcovers, summer comforters, Memory Foarm Pillows, Buckwheat Hull Pillows, etc. They also work with other leading suppliers in Canada, Asia and Europe to present you the best products and widest choices. 

Medussa hopes customers own what they actually need and feel, instead of higher threadcounts or loft numbers. 

MEDUSSA HOME is located at Blundell Centre, Richmond. Ample parking in the front. Regular hours is 11am to 5 pm, Monday is closed.